User Experience / Usability

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User experience, UX – all impressions that the user experiences when using an interactive product.

User Experience

User experience design is the design of interactive products with a special focus on interacting with them to provide positive experiences to users.

The product is expected to: present itself in a user-friendly manner, be functional, ergonomic and useful, and its use should be pleasant and bring satisfaction.

In the course of our work, we point out to:

  • areas of the site that can be problematic and frustrating to users,
  • recommendations whose introduction will improve the site's usability and will likely improve user satisfaction and loyalty.,


The criterion of usability of a website is met when it is easy to use and comfortable to handle. Usability has a very large impact on the user's satisfaction of navigating through the website. Our activity area is to analyze the current usability level of a particular website, e-shop, auction system or dedicated B2B or B2C system, and recommend measures to increase this usability.

At the request of our Customers, we implement recommendations in their online systems.

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