Przemyślane strategie digital
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) this is a group of promotional activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website on the Internet.


SEM, or search engine marketing involves a group of promotional activities that aim to increase the position of an Internet site in search results, for example, in the Google search engine. Both natural and paid activities are taken into account.

In our activities, we combine natural positioning and optimization of the Internet sites with paid links or advertisements put in the places in the Internet, which are strategic for our Customers.

Positioning and optimization is a continuous and long-term process that aims to significantly increase the position of a website in search engine rankings, e.g. in Google.

Website positioning consists of a number of actions that can be broken down by the following key:

  • SEO - (Search Engine Optimization), which consists of activities aimed at optimizing the content, code and structure of a website or online store;
  • Link building means building valuable links made available by loyal recipients of the website;
  • Content marketing - building optimum, interesting content on websites;
  • Broad web analytics

We also provide our Customers with recommendations and run paid campaigns and advertisements e.g. in search engines, portals, vortals, thematic blogs.