Internet Analytics

Analityka internetowa - gromadzenie danych, analiza, rekomendacje, optymalizacja
Online Analytics answers the most important business questions. This is a continuous process that includes:
  • data collection;
  • their detailed analysis;
  • presentations of recommendations;
  • optimization

Internet Analytics

Our competences include preparing reports tailored to the business needs of our Customers.

Our reports include, among others, detailed elaboration of:

  • site visibility based on Google Search Console
  • keywords that "brought" the user to the site
  • the paths that visitors navigate to the site
  • miejsca, w których użytkownicy rezygnują z wizyty na stronie
  • places where users opt out of visiting the site
  • internal links readily used by users and those completely useless on the site
  • incoming links along with the preparation of a report pointing to popular keywords, as well as the chances and risks associated with the links.
  • website position compared to competing sites in Google search engine results
  • content analysis of MH's services for content duplication
  • poprawności semantyki kodu HTML stron serwisów pod kątem prawidłowego rozmieszczenia słów kluczowych
  • the correct construction of the websites in accordance with the current Google Guidelines for Webmasters
  • correct HTML semantics of sites for proper placement of keywords
  • goal achievement and conversion by users based on Google Analytics data

On the basis of analyzes, we develop a recommendation for actions and implement the individual elements. This could be, for example, an improved conversion path in the site or e-shop, to increase the number of inquiries, leads, or sales volume.