Dedicated E-commerce Solutions

Ergonomiczne łatwe w obsłudze i użytkowaniu systemy e-commerce
Ergonomic, easy to use and use e-commerce systems, tailored to the individual needs of our Customers!

Modern, dedicated online stores

We specialize in creating modern, ergonomic, responsive online shops exclusively dedicated to the needs of our customers.

Our reports include, among others, detailed development of:

Such solutions are always individually designed following the recognition of the Customer's industry, the assortment offered in a future online store, and the necessary integration and automation. By ordering an online store tailored for you, you can be sure that its design will be unique and it will include features you exactly need, because a dedicated online store, as the name implies, is created based on your specific requirements and needs.

By ordering a dedicated sales platform you receive not only specialized functionalities, your competition can only dream of. Your online store is unique in every way, starting from the design and functionality to appearance and ease of administration. This type of solution is far beyond commonly used standards.

When creating a new online store, we always use the latest practices guiding the Internet users in a simple and intuitive way through the purchase process, and system administrators are provided with very easy operation of the shop system.

By ordering a dedicated online store you become independent. You get software that is yours forever. You do not have any extra charges for using the software, no one charges any commission on the sale. You have your online store, all the code files, and the further development of your e-commerce depends solely on your vision. You can continue cooperation with us or you can choose another company.

With our software, you can create a single online store or sales platform operating in different markets, differing in terms of goods, currencies, costs and forms of transport. Everyone operating within the e-commerce sales platform may have connections with other external systems.