Consulting and Digital Strategy

Przemyślane strategie digital
Przemyślane strategie digital poprzedzone wnikliwym procesem analiz. Na każdy etapie wdrożenia pomoc i doradztwo internetowe.

Internet Consulting

Internet strategy is a very important part of a company's global strategy, where digital channels and digital media support other sales channels. Business strategy is nothing more than an action plan (P. Kolter describes it as a game plan) for the company created to meet the company business goals. Creating an effective web strategy requires precise targeting (KPIs) and the use of each web channel to achieve the goals.

Such goals can concern, e.g.:

  • achieving adequate levels of financial ratios - net profit, return rate, sales level, etc.;
  • achieving a specific market share;
  • image building, brand awareness, brand recognition;
  • number of visits to the site or number of returning users

Strategy digital

As part of our activities, we assist our clients in developing a short and long term online strategy. We develop and recommend the most effective ways to achieve the goals. We advise on choosing the most effective way to reach the end customer. At the same time, at the request of our Customers, we carry out activities aimed at achieving the goals, advising and monitoring the effects.

We use the latest IMC instruments - integrated marketing communications that combine on-line and off-line activities to maximize synergy while minimizing the costs of individual actions.